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The Études Project

A Piece Just for You

Special moments, special places, special events, and special people; if you're like me, your life is rich with these things. You are alive and isn't that just wonderful? There are so many beautiful things in this world that we use to celebrate life, and the sensation of - being - is perhaps no better connected to than through music. Luckily these days we have access to endless sound worlds. However, out the songs in your library, how many of them were made just for you. When we listen to music, we intimately embrace the passion of an artist, but hardly ever is the passion it ignites within us able to be reciprocated back. I'm opening up this dialogue. 


- Professionally Composed, Published, and Performed

-Have a Title Dedication with Your Name 

- Professionally Recorded

What For?

There are several reasons to have your own piano piece. Maybe you're getting engaged. Imagine a small box with a love letter, a ring, and a piano piece with your partner's name as the title. Magic friends; if your life doesn't dance, jump in...perhaps this is your first move. 

To be certain....there are more emotions than those that feel good, and there's more to life than what we feel. Maybe your piece is sad. Maybe you're a free spirit and want to do something random and see what happens. These pieces are for anyone and for any reason. Maybe you're a bored pianist who wants something serious new and challenging. 

Fun Friends

Proposals & Birthdays,

Special Events &

Self-Care Sundays.

Sorry, when I'm feeling sublime I like to....rhyme. |



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