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     I'm excited to be woking to help Bobbi Boes and Beverly Stephenson on their project Nutcracker, the "Mousical". Stephenson and Boes are the creators of Nutcracker, the Mousical, which is based on their original Nutcracker Musical from 1996. It was inspired by the music of Tchakovsky.  The Arts Connection Chair and founder of the Temecula Theater Foundation, started the musical back in 1997 as a sing along based on Tchaikovsky's ballet, "The Nutcracker". The task of writing the music for the project was handed over to the late Donald York early on in the project which was started by Bobbi as a sing-along. However, his unfortunate and felt passing left songs that needed to be written and passages that needed to be completed and arranged. I was ecstatic when a colleague and former instructor of mine, Sang Park, the choir director at Great Oak High School, referred me to her. Working together with her has been privilege.  

     Being a freelance artist is neither without its rewards nor its challenges. Somedays I have woken up and though to myself, "Nuts! My life is nuts!". Still, as an artist, I'm hardly allergic to rigor. This collaboration has been challenging and exciting, and certainly an honor considering who's work I was completing. I almost didn't take the job for that very reason. What got me over was a moment where I sat down and decided to play from the score and I remembered "Ahh yes. Composing happens note by note." 

     "Nutcracker" the mousical will be coming to you soon. 

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