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Funding a music business ain't easy, but a little here and a little there goes a long way. I'm proud to say I'm doing anything and everything to get my music out there while trying to make a difference in the community. What a better way to do both at the same time than to help people with their recycling. Yup, I'm collecting bottles from people in the Temecula/Riverside area. It's a good thing that my standards for my dream job are plastic. Let's make it happen!

Hustle like an ArTiSt

Tangible Dreams 

Everything starts with an image in the mind. Another reason why I'm undertaking this project is because I imagined making an outfit from some of the plastic I've collected with names of the people who helped me raise funds. So in a way, this project hits home with one of my favorite things to do as a Penseagrande: uncovering the magic of real life. I hope to take the project and make something tangible from it, with the desired effect of showing people that their dreams are also tangible. Every little word of encouragement, every bit of effort given by those we seek support from adds up like an invisible currency. What we do with our words, what we do with our love, its like magic. So I'll be bottling up all the support I can. Let me know if you'd like to help!


Funds Raised $10 / $10,000
Water bottles collected: 50
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