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"Somewhere is wherever you are and nowhere is whenever you forget that."

Where should an artist go to find success? Some say LA, someday to school, some say out of the country. After all, is it even possible to start a career in the middle of nowhere? How can you make a career in an artistic desert? At Somewhere Stage we believe that the best place for an artist to go is inside. When an artist starts fracking their own legend, they begin to understand that opportunity is something you create. Like Timothée Chalamet said "Life is coming from you and not at you." It all starts with having the right mindset. And that's why our stages are mobile. We are always looking for opportunities to create art on the spot - wherever - the artist is. It's our goal to make something from nothing, and to remind artists and the crowds that follow them that somewhere is wherever you are, and nowhere is whenever you forget that. Besides, when you realize that you're somewhere, that just might be the moment you become someone.

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