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Looking for Musicians for New Works

Pgr. Coles is looking for all kinds of players. He is currently working on a vast array of projects including a new work called "Annoncez les Entrées" for woodwind Sextet. He is also taking auditions for players who would like to perform any of his "13 Études pour le Piano" - 13 piano etudes, which explore  performance practice, ideology, and spiritual ideas. 

Annoncez Les Entrées

For woodwind sextet

      I - Même Quartier

     II - Aáron

Julia Price, Piccolo | Fabio Morales, Flute | Jesús Ramos, oboe | Scarlet Baker, english horn | Richard Greenwood, clarinet | Albert Godinez, bassoon

13 Études Pour Le Piano

While a full performance by Pgr. Grande is still in the works, other pianists have taken up the challenge.

No. 1 Wind on a Hillside of Grass

James Lent, Piano

Thick Mask

learning to breath again

Xenia Deviatkina-Loh, Violin

James Lent, Piano

“We make music to leave our loneliness, to affirm the presence of our souls, and to banish the perceived silence of God. But these times of isolation have brought us again to confront the greatest noise: our minds and their restless madness. Perhaps the suffocation we have experienced has reminded us that a human can survive on a slow deep breath. The profound anxiety of living is never suppressed, nor the theme of suffering, but we learn in the struggle to refine our capacity to make -peace with reality- .” -Pgr. Grande Sean Coles

take a look at Xenia's Youtube Channel

and James' Youtube Channel

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