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Oct. 28



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I wanna be a good boy

But I wanna have fun  

Imaginary FunHub

Was a very real gun 

Now I’m sexy for no one  

Stung by the bee  

What a pity


Jock socks on I’m a boy toy ready for love 

Picture perfect pookie with sophisticated hipster glasses on 


Gucci juice neck bleed 

Smell my disease at 6 feet

Bad boys come 

Cuz the empty boys never got a vaccine

Now I’m sexy for no one.

I was just a good boy 

but I acted real dumb.

Now I’m tappin’ on your flame to send a B-PIC   

Bi Polar In Cognito 

Is it really why I’m like this 

Your touch is treatment for my 

CPTSD though.


If you taste somebody more breath

Do they take your pain

For the untouched body

That’s the golden gate

I had every boy in my bag like trick or treat 

Wyd cuz im freaky feeling, are you into kinkey

you can tie me up cuz I need to be needed 

Blank profile cuz i’m sexy sneaky 

I'm tappin you to touch you, it so happens that I’m lucky

I never got stung when a BB bad boy, bad boy, f***ed me


         (I wanna be a good boy, wanna be a good boy)

         (Babe you’re alive now)

Ghost in the closet but I came this far 

If there’s blood on the wall it’s the tears of my heart 

“You don’t need love to live”  sometimes dead things twitch a little

Gimme Some ugh, to get through the night

You need a little ugh, cuz ugh’s a part of love 

Just gimme that ugh, cuz I wanna to be a good boy living like a bad boy hiding

Watch me burn as I grovel for your love   (catching feels, catching hearts, catching' fire)

Need someone to touch cuz I was empty from the start  (filling up feeling you, it's a vibe)

I wanna be a lover for somebody but the price seemed far too high (it was a lie)

Now it costs more than a million just to keep myself from dying

Now I’m sexy for no one

I was just a bad boy

but I wanted true love

Main Photo Jerome OKk.jpg


Babe Admiral

Babe Admiral                Kara Greskovic             Jerome Renard


Mixing Engineer


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