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Voice Lessons

We're going to cut a diamond. Hm! And you thought it was only glass.

  • 1 h
  • Virtual

Service Description

Let’s stop treating the voice like it’s magic. There are very practical and intelligent ways to cut through nonsense and scalar repetitions to arrive at the desired timbre and style. The voice is a physical thing with physical qualities. Doing « this », will make it do « that ». Some things are indeed still mystical, but lucky for you, there’s a whole glittering complex pallet of sounds used in your everyday communication that translate over to singing. In this course we will discover timbre and texture through untraditional means and expand vocal agility using older techniques as well new ones. Your voice is no ordinary rock, it’s a diamond. You probably know how intense and long the formation of a diamond is, however, if you believe your voice has hidden value, the journey will be about cutting away excess rather than forming a gemstone. You’re a diamond in the ruff; work smarter not harder. Develop your own style, or imitate another! Either way, we are going to find your voice. * Navigate the vocal break * Discover bright and dark * Expand your chest and head voice * Learn new vocal techniques * Master diction for easier singing. * Sight reading where applicable * Etc.

Cancellation Policy

Due to extreme time sensitivity and lesson availability, there are NO REFUNDS OR CANCELLATIONS. Booked lessons and appointments are not adjustable except solely at the discretion of Grande Sean Coles. No booked lessons are refundable.

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