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Music Theory Lessons

How reason becomes molecular and accessible to musical creativity.

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Service Description

I cannot tell you in a paragraph the secrets which give way to the linguistic ease of what your ears have heard, but I’ll tell you this much: music is more than nice noises. There is a philosophical and mathematical history which through generations of labor and discovery has rendered the musical systems in use in our world today. Think for a moment how it is one thing to speak a language, and another to be literate in it. Complex syntactical elements form phrases and ideas in order to communicate. As with language, music is often spoken while the intricate patterns underneath are taken for granted. But the power of literacy is that it gives the speaker CONTROL of their words. This holds true in music as well. * Ahh the staff * Time/Key signatures, symbols, and so on * Transposition * Phrasal structure * Functional Harmony * 16th & 18th century counterpoint * Serialism * Form and analysis * The harmonic series * Indeterminacy * And so so so….much…more

Cancellation Policy

Due to extreme time sensitivity and lesson availability, there are NO REFUNDS OR CANCELLATIONS. Booked lessons and appointments are not adjustable except solely at the discretion of Grande Sean Coles. No booked lessons are refundable.

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