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Some of My Best Thoughts from This Year

-Grief is the victory of a soft heart in times of tragedy.

-Sometimes everything is true

-I used to feel like I couldn't make sh*t happen, but now I know it's because I didn't like the smell.

-A know it all knows it all except how to know nothing

-I've felt two kinds of alone: when there is no one, and when no one is there.

-The stepping stones of great individuals are often the laughs of other people.

-The construction of your world may be the destruction of another's. And there is an ancient human greed, to choose the peace of certainty over the certainty of confusion.

-Neither tears nor rejoicing are evidence of truth; but humility, gratitude, and an awareness of others; perhaps love and peace start here.

-When the unloved child seeks embrace from their own imagination, they fall in love with a soul that doesn't exist, and learn to pursue bodies instead of people.

-The imagination does not abandon you the way people do. But while people may leave you, your imagination will leave you desperate.

-Those who threaten from what is known have a certain control over others, but those who threaten from what is unknown posses devastating power. The imagination has no limits on terror.

-I wanted to know something, but I didn't know anything, so I often hated everything.

-Silence is God's mercy to the heavy thinker.


  • I didn't connect with any of the quotes.

  • I connected with one of the quotes.

  • I connected with several of the quotes.

  • I connected with all of the quotes.

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