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Welcome to my music space 

"We make music to leave our loneliness, to affirm the presence of our souls, and to banish the perceived silence of God."
-Pgr. G.S.C.

It's never too early to start, and never too late to begin. Learning starts with two essential thoughts; I can learn, I want to learn. From here, one of the healthiest paradigmes that can foster a progressive learning environment is that ignorance is an opportunity. The teacher will never know it all, and the student will never learn it all, but if we are happy to start, happy to learn - together- , and fearless in the face of what we don't know, then our journey of discovery will be nothing short of wonderful. 


Welcome to More Than Music

   An artist that tries to do multiple things is jack of all trades, master of none- ... "HA, Give me a break" says guys like Leonardo da Vinci. Are you an artist and philosopher who engages practically all the arts? You're probably tired of people telling you to just choose one, or of giving people a list of the things you do only to be viewed as an "odd jobber". That title is problematic not because a person's view of you is true per say, but because people's perception of you can either limit or enhance their desire to engage with you in your entrepreneurial endeavors. Well, there's finally a professional title that will tell people that you do several different things.

     Furthermore, there are those who do and those who don't. Among those who do, there are three kinds of individuals, those who do better, those who do worse, and those who do what they love without comparing. Part of what I do as a Penseagrande is changing this fundamental view we have about our professional lives. The general message of western society is often, choose one thing you are good at and figure out how to it better than someone else. The first  problem with this is that we are multilayered as people. Our gifts and weaknesses are nuanced. Moreover, some people can get bored  doing just one thing because they were made for so much more. I want to invent a new work culture that is biophilic, where the whole person is invited to the desk. My current work involves finding the right matrix that allows every part of a person's beautiful passions to bare economic fruit while still having relative financial stability. We're going to make the workplace a garden. Second, while competition is beautiful and has its place, some people may win in a life played by becoming better than others, but they may also loose in the game of self discovery.  

         -In the background is a wonderful pot of chili I made. It tasted great and was beautiful. I started cooking for my family when I was around 12 and the passion's been with me ever since. 


Please get in touch for more information about Grande Sean Coles, to discuss possible collaborations or lessons, or for any media inquiries.


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